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A valuable activity of METRIS is also cooperation with educational institutions and collaboration achieved through teaching, research and training of personnel. One of the aspects of the education is popularization of science which is continually developed in METRIS through a variety of activities designed to raise public awareness.

Professional practice

Eurodyssee students of 2011
  • Alen Krunić, Polytechnic Pula
  • Bojan Bašić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb
  • Sara Berljavac, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology Zagreb
  • Tina Vidulin, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology Zagreb
  • Manuel Širola, Faculty of Engineering Rijeka
  • Nikolina Anđelković, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology Split
  • Darko Privrat, Faculty of Engineering Rijeka
  • Natali Brenko, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology Zagreb
  • Mirna Sekulić, Biotechnical Faculty Ljubljana
  • Robert Erdeši, Faculty of Engineering Rijeka
  • Filip Šugar, Faculty of Engineering Rijeka
  • Korana Delić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb
  • Nenad Vičić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb
  • Lana Bančić, Faculty of Engineering Rijeka
  • Luka Čehić, Faculty of Engineering Rijeka
  • Ivan Veljović, Faculty of Engineering Rijeka
  • Yael Muniz Calderon, Eurodysse, Španjolska


  • Science photography exhibition

As part of the Science Festival 2012 in Pula METRIS, science photography exhibition was held, through which a wide range of natural and technical sciences were presented in a popular way. Through the art, new technologies and their results were demonstrated. Numerous scientists and institutions from Croatia and abroad were involved in the project with the support from the Croatian Society for Plant Biology, the Croatian Microscopy Society, the Croatian Chemical Society, the Croatian Society for the Study of Laboratory Animals and the University of Rijeka. The permanent display of the exhibition can be seen, with a prior announcement, at the Metris Center. 

The catalogue of the exhibition can be downloaded here:

  • Science photography exhibition at the ''Night of Biology 2013'' event

Part of the permanent collection of METRIS's science photography exhibition dedicated to microscopy has toured at the event "Night of Biology 2013" held on 12 April 2013 the Faculty of Science of University of Zagreb. In this way METRIS contributed to the popularization of microscopy, valuable scientific method with wide application in various fields of science. The aim of this event which is being held for the fifth year in a row and faces significant public interest is to present the scientific facts of biology to all visitors in a simple, accessible and imaginative way through simple experiments, presentations, playrooms, quizzes, short films, workshops, etc. Approaching them to biology as the science of life, the desire of the organizers is to approach them to life in all its forms and beauty.


  • Student's workshop: "CSI: Food facing criminal prosecution - The case of the hazelnut ice cream"

As part of the multimedia exhibition "Ki sit ki lacan" during October and November 2012. in METRIS a series of workshops for elementary and secondary schools was held, during which numerous students from all over Istria became familiar with the latest methods of food analysis. Through the brief theoretical introduction about the laboratory equipment, labor and new technologies and practical demonstration experiments, the children could get the impression of the possibilities of science, its application in everyday life and get useful information for the selection of future careers in the fields of natural and technical sciences. It was also an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of METRIS, which has also opened up new opportunities for cooperation with the schools, in the area of ​​research papers, workshops and other popular-scientific and educational activities.

Research papers

  • Student research project "Secret Life of frescoes devourers - analysis of microorganisms in mural painting"

At the international competition ECO-QUIZ ''Lijepa Nasa'', held from 15th to 17th of April 2012 in Zadar, team of Gymnasium and Vocational School ''Juraj Dobrila'' from Pazin won first place among the 33 high schools. An integral part of this competition was the practical work entitled "Secret life of frescoes devourers - Analysis of microorganisms in mural painting" that school team with their professors made ​​in cooperation with METRIS and Croatian Conservation Institute - Restoration Department Rijeka.

Eco team: Renata Krulčić, David Šterpin, Paolo Pilato i Vanja Marić under the mentorship of prof. Dušice Dorčić and prof. Roži Šiklić.
  • Scientific research made by students from Mate Blažina High School from Labin with the theme:'' The antioxidant properties of herbal infusions prepared from indigenous local varieties of olives''

At the Competition and Review of Young Biologists held from 14 to 17 April 2013 in Zagreb, students Tea Načinović and Silvia Milevoj of High School Mate Blažina from Labin competed with research work on ''The antioxidant properties of herbal infusions indigenous local varieties of olives'' made ​​in collaboration with the Material Research Center of Istrian region - METRIS and won high fourth place in their category. Girls, currently attending 3rd class, under the supervision of professor Sandra Juran participated in this competition at which a total of about sixty students competed with 38 individual research papers.

Experimental work - Tea Načinović and Silvija Milevoj
Determination of antioxidant capacity

Scientific and professional meetings

  • Croatian Microscopy Symposium

The Croatian Microscopy symposium organized by the Croatian Microscopy Society (CMS), METRIS Center and the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Poreč was held in METRIS Center on the 16th and 17th of November 2012. As part of the two-day symposium the annual meeting of the Croatian Microscopy Society was held.  The symposium was dedicated to the members of the Society, but also to all the scientists, companies and individuals who are interested in microscopy. The aim of the meeting was to present the results of recent studies that have used microscopy and related methods. The symposium included three plenary lectures, general meeting of CMS, and the presentations of the activities of METRIS and IDA. Three scientific works produced in laboratories of METRIS were also presented. The event was attended by over 70 participants from Croatia and abroad.

Presentation of METRIS
Over 70 participants attended the Symposium